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Fennel is one of my favorite ingredients in my own magickal practices. It is easy to obtain and it has many associations. It has also been used for a long time for medicinal purposes.

The Fennel Plant

Fennel is part of the carrot family. However, it is not a root veggie and the edible part actually grows above the ground. The bulb-y, white part of the fennel is used primarily for cooking. In magick we primarily use the seeds, though the bulb could of course still be used in kitchen witchery, using the same associations as usually ascribed to the seeds.

For those who are interested, fennel originates from the Mediterranean shoreline. However, it has over time found a home throughout the world. The plant prefers dry soil near a shore or riverbank. For those who would like to grow their own, it may be good to create a sandy-soil. A mixture of sand and soil would be great! Also, make sure that water can run-off easily. For example, putting hydro grains in the bottom of a planter may help the plant’s survival.

Magickal uses

If you’ve read the paragraph above, you now know how to plant a fennel plant around your house! Doing so, may provide protection to your home. Protection magick is important, and putting your energy into this plant, could be the equivalent of defending your home with your own, and mother nature’s energy.

Alternatively, you could use fennel seeds. Fennel seeds are associated with protection too. However, they have many more associations. These include, divination, luck, fertility, courage, prosperity, abundance, confidence, psychic ability, purification and healing. Really, this plant is a magickal all-rounder and could be used in most spells. This makes it an awesome herbs to keep in stock, as it could be used as a replacement in case you’re missing that one herbs that a recipe originally calls for.

I love putting fennel in oils. The seeds are beautiful in the oil because they float where other ingredients sink. Additionally, fennel seed can be crushed up and put onto the sides of a candle (though I suggest looking for some other blog posts on dressing candles before doing that). Fennel seeds can of course, also be used as an offering, or put into mojo-bags or charms.

Magickal association & correspondences

Though I do not personally work with deities, fennel is associated with some deities in magickal practices. Mostly, they stem from the Greek pantheon, which also appears to be the most prominently spread throughout the witches community. These are Prometheus, Dionysus and Apollo.

I will leave this writing with a quick list of correspondences of fennel which may come in useful for your magickal practices. Of course, I hope that you will return next week for my next blog post.

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