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Falcon's Eye

Falcon's Eye

Introducing the captivating Falcon's Eye crystal, a stunning gemstone known for its mesmerizing blue and golden hues, and its powerful protective and grounding properties. This beautiful crystal is a form of Tiger's Eye, and is characterized by its unique blue coloration and chatoyancy, or iridescent shimmer.


Each Falcon's Eye crystal is a one-of-a-kind piece, featuring a range of natural blue and golden patterns that showcase the stone's natural beauty. The smooth surface of the polished stone enhances the intricate patterns and texture, allowing the blue and golden tones to be fully appreciated.


Not only is Falcon's Eye a beautiful decorative piece, but it also has a range of healing properties. Its grounding and protective energy can help to promote inner strength, courage, and confidence, as well as protect against negative energies and promote mental clarity. Additionally, Falcon's Eye is believed to enhance insight and intuition, making it an ideal crystal for those seeking to develop their spiritual awareness.


Colors and sizes do vary! 

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