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Hi! My name is Henk and since a young age I have been able to see and feel things that others cannot. Nowadays, I mostly use Tarot, Oracle and Automatic Drawing as divination tools. You can also expect me to use those tools at a minimum if you decide to buy a reading from me. I may also do some parts based on intuition and aura-colors. 


If you buy a reading from me, you can include your name, sirname and date of birth in your order. I will then try to get back to you within 24 hours, although some delay may occur every now and then. You will receive a PDF file with:


  • Pictures of the tarot and oracle cards drawn;
  • Pictures of the automatic drawing(s);
  • A description of my interpertation of the divination tools used;
  • And depending on whether I feel it is useful also some intuitive and aura-color reading.


Please note that this product - a reading - is only meant for entertainment purposes. You should not let a reading influence your decisions or others. 


Please make sure you fill out your e-mail adress so that I can reach you to send you your personal reading in PDF format. 

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